Dear Grandad…

You were absolutely designed to be a Grandad.

You were, in fact, so committed to the role that you weren’t just a Grandfather to your actual grandchildren… Your neighbours, daughter, even friends the same age all refer to you as Grandad.

When me and the other Grandkids were growing up, you were our hero. No one could make us laugh like you, and not just because you let us drink Lambrini with our tea. We would be captivated by your stories, usually about your family, of whom you thought so much. I feel so lucky that my son had the chance to get to know his Great-Grandad, and I promise I will always share your unconventional pearls of wisdom…

Your humour always had a marvellous way of making everything OK… when I was sad about needing braces; you swiftly removed your false teeth and correctly pointed out that, “it could be worse”. When I had got in to trouble for picking my nose and farting in public (we both know where I got that from), you assured me that even the Queen picks her nose, and that if I never trumped I’d explode.

You really did spoil us rotten. Now I’m older I have a much better understanding of how ridiculously amazing it is for you and Grandma to have taken five grandchildren away to Disneyland (I struggle going to the supermarket with one) and I could never have repaid you for your kindness to all of us.

Even in to your senior years, you refused to be the one who needed looking after. When we’d come over to visit, we were always keen to help you both however we could… shopping, cooking, gardening. But you were still so keen to spoil us, we were effectively on a lavish retreat being force fed wine and fry ups (obviously strongly against our will).

There’s so much I will miss about you Grandad… your jokes, your breakfasts, your 25 year old white t-shirt with a thousand holes in it, your side burns and your stories.

But I feel so lucky that you were my Grandad, because you really were the best.

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  1. That’s so lovely. I never knew my father’s dad however I remember my mother’s dad was a fan of conundrums, so my experience of being with him was generally to be slightly puzzled most of the time! I hope we are good grandparents to our grandchildren and, probably like your own Grandad, we would love to spend as much time as possible with them, while we’re still here. Especially when you’re young it’s easy to be fooled by the idea that some people will always be around, so contact doesn’t count for much. It may be that the alternative is too uncomfortable, even frightening, to think about. Believe me, your Grandad was blessed by being a central part of your life. Truly, I envy him his lovely experiences of having family around him in his later years.

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